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Best Way to Take and View 3D photographs


The PokeScope 3D viewer is easily used with any computer monitor. To take the photograph use two compact digital cameras about 4 to 8 inches apart from each other with a way to take both pictures at the same time. The 3D viewer makes it easy to see it in 3D on your monitor. Simply open up both photographs that were taken at the same time from each camera in a computer and put them side by side on your screen. The viewer doesn’t cost much and is fun to use!

If you are taking pictures of landscape, you can use just one camera by taking one picture on a tripod, then move the camera a little to one side maybe 4-12 inches (depending on how much 3D effect you want) and just take another picture from that angle. The farther apart the photographs, the more 3D effect you will get.

I have taken 3D pictures of people with one camera. I just ask them to stay very very still during both exposures.

One cheap way to view 3D photographs is to just put them side by side and put a piece of paper between the pictures to block the view of each eye from the other photograph. Use small photographs! You can do the same thing on the monitor. The PokeScope just makes it much easier!